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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Community Service Eric


In every season of his life, Eric has felt called to serve humbly yet passionately. Currently, as the moderator at the Union Baptist Association, he's grateful for the opportunity to ignite community action.

Beyond that, Eric coaches in Humble's ABA basketball league and supports initiatives at Humble High School, Lakeland Elementary, and all other schools in the Humble High School Feeder Pattern. Whether collaborating with Loving Houston in its work with Humble ISD or championing women's empowerment with Women Of Virtue Pageants, he remains humbled to be part of positive change in Humble



Entrepreneur Eric


Eric D. Lacy, the founder of True Love Childcare of Humble, embodies a humble yet vibrant spirit, deeply committed to serving all people. With a team of over 20 dedicated employees, Eric collaborates closely with parents and local school districts to nurture productive students who embrace leadership and love for God.

As community servants, Eric and his team cultivate this vision through engaging team-building activities and implementing practical classroom best practices. Their efforts have touched the lives of thousands of Humble youth, all with the shared goal of making Humble an exceptional place to call home.

Beyond childcare, Eric's passion for leadership development shines through his role as a certified John Maxwell Leadership Trainer. Through workshops and masterminds, he empowers individuals to unlock their full potential as leaders, enriching not just their own lives, but the fabric of the entire community


Pastor Eric


Pastor Eric founded and currently Pastor's True Love Church of Humble for the last 15 years in Humble Texas. Pastor Eric is actively involved in Showing Love to the Humble Community from our Community Outreaches where we have partnered with other churches for Back Pack Toy Drives as well as to give away 500-600 Turkeys away to provided spiritual support for people looking for a hand up.  We SERVE HUMBLE. During Covid True Love opened its doors to feed Humble as well as allow people access to use its computers for much needed wifi.

Family Eric


Eric and Chantine are the ultimate power couple, celebrating an incredible 25 years of marriage in August 2024! Together, they've built a beautiful family with four amazing children and five adorable grandchildren. Chantine is Eric's number one supporter, working side by side with him, making every moment count. But you know what really gets Eric's heart racing? Spending time with his six grandchildren, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. They're not just a family; they're a powerhouse of love and togetherness!

What does Eric want to do?

Eric is dedicated to bringing positive change to Humble, and his platform reflects his commitment to unity, safety, and community well-being:

  • Transparency and Engagement:                                               Eric plans to live-stream all city council meetings, ensuring that every citizen has access to important discussions and decisions. By opening up the process, he aims to foster greater transparency and engagement in local governance.

  • Unity Committee for All:                                                                   Eric believes in the power of unity and wants to establish a Unity Committee that represents the diverse needs of Humble's residents. We will select representatives of all Humble Residents to search for answers to City issues.  This committee will serve as a platform for inclusive dialogue, ensuring that voices from all backgrounds are heard and considered in city decision-making.

  • Flood Control Priority:                                                                 Having experienced the threat of flooding firsthand, Eric is committed to making flood control a top priority for Humble. By analyzing current efforts and implementing new strategies, he aims to protect homes and neighborhoods from future flooding incidents, ensuring the safety and security of residents.

  • Revitalizing Downtown:                                                     Eric sees downtown Humble as the heart of the community and wants to revitalize it into a vibrant and bustling hub. By attracting businesses, hotels, and retail shops, he aims to create a lively downtown area that brings people together and enhances the overall quality of life in Humble.

  • Promoting Health and Wellness:                                       As an advocate for active living, Eric proposes adding biking lanes throughout Humble to promote health and wellness. By making it safer and more convenient for residents to bike, walk, and enjoy outdoor activities, he hopes to create a healthier and more vibrant community.

  • Supporting First Responders:                                            Eric deeply values the service of Humble's police officers and emergency personnel and wants to ensure they have the resources and support they need to keep the community safe. By investing in training, equipment, and resources, he aims to strengthen Humble's first responder capabilities and build trust between law enforcement and the community.                                                                                          

With Eric's leadership and vision, Humble can look forward to a future of unity, prosperity, and well-being for all its residents.


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