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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Community Service Eric


It doesn't matter what season of life I am in , I am called to serve. I serve on the board of moderators for Union Baptist Association.  Eric served as a board member for the YMCA, volunteer coach for various Youth Sports Leagues.   


Eric  worked as a volunteer with Humble High School. Starting the current Parent Teacher Student Association and even received the Volunteer of the Year Award from Humble ISD. 


Served with Loving Houston, Lake Houston Chamber of Commerce Member and a part of Leadership Lake Houston's Class Six. Eric also served as a Board Member for Women Of Virtue Pageants.




Entrepreneur Eric


Eric is the  Founder of True Love Childcare of Humble where we have over 20 employees. Eric works with parents as well as local school districts to develop productive students with leadership who learn, lead and love God. As a community servants we accomplish this through team building activities and practical classroom best practices. We have served thousands of Humble Youth in an effort to make Humble a great place to live.

​Eric Lacy is also a certified John Maxwell Leadership Trainer. Developing leaders through workshops and or masterminds.




Pastor Eric


Pastor Eric founded and currently Pastor True Love Church of Humble for the last 12 years in Humble Texas. Pastor Eric is actively involved in Showing Love to the Humble Community from our Community Outreaches where we have partnered with other churches to give away 500-600 Turkeys away to provided spiritual support for people looking for a hand up. We SERVE HUMBLE.




Family Eric

Eric is married for over 20 years to Chantine Lacy and they have 4 children. Chantine works with him side by side as his number one supporter. His greatest pastime is spending time with his 6 grandchildren. 

What does Eric want to do?

• Include the Local Community in City Government.

My goal is to provide leadership that brings people together so I would like to see Humble add a Unity Committee that looks out for all the needs of its citizens. From our Senior Citizens down to our Young People, from all different walks of life; a committee that can have the discussions and bring those before the City Council to include everyone, not just Government by a few.

• Control the Flooding Issues in Humble

Work together to keep the focus on flooding and analyzing efforts to relieve the drainage issues that have caused issues with the safety of our homes in the past. My home came inches away from flooding and I want to work to make sure we keep that as a priority in the future.

Revitalize the Downtown Economy

Our downtown has a rich and colorful history. I would love to see it developed as more of a focal point in our city. Attracting hotels and retail shops would definitely make it a more desirable community for all of Humble as well as revitalize the community of Humble.

• Add Biking Lanes to Promote Health and Wellness.

As a person who rides my bike regularly, I see a lot of our community walking through downtown and throughout their neighborhoods at the local parks. I have been in a minor accident with my bike and I feel it would help promote health and wellness in our city.

• Support for our Police Officers and Emergency Personnel.

We must make sure that our Police Department and Fire Departments are equipped to serve as the best and most trusted men and women anywhere in the country. I believe we keep our neighborhoods safe by helping them receive the needed resources to be model departments.


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